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Welcome to Othent

Merging Web2 to Web3 user logins with a familiar and simple interface
Othent: pronounced OH-thent is a neologism of "OAuth" and "Authenticate".
Othent is a protocol that enables access to blockchain networks using alternative methods beyond private keys, making them more widely accessible by customising the authentication process.
The protocol currently consists of two parts:
  • Smart contract wallets
  • Transaction metadata proofs
We leverage existing encryption like RS-256 JsonWebTokens which are generated by the users choice of traditional log in service - such as but not limited to:
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Micosoft
etc... we currently have support for 64 social connections, that's over 5B user log ins! meaning over 5 billion people now have web3 wallets with their existing credentials.
Othent offers a powerful and user-friendly way for individuals and developers to access blockchain networks and create web3 applications. With its design and seamless integration with existing Web2 technologies, Othent is targeting the next evolution of blockchain and decentralised systems.
Last modified 2mo ago